Students are now graduating from school, and what better way to celebrate than preparing them for the next phase of their life? For those graduating from high school or college, we can prepare them with essential accessories to ready them for finding jobs, internships, or continuing their education.

When shopping for the perfect graduation gift, there’s a lot to consider. Is the graduate a gadget lover? Does she make travel plans? Is he particular about his clothing and accessories? Does she love to keep beautiful memories of every special day? It’s the time when people start thinking about graduation gifts. This gift guide will help you find a perfect gift to celebrate their bright future and serve them best in the next stage of their life.

Watch: The Gift of Time

Watches are a versatile accessory that goes with someone anywhere they go and wearable in any situation. A watch is the classic graduation gift and spending on a decent watch is important. With stainless steel backs, Swiss movements, and high-quality features like leather bands, EON 1962 is the best Shop LC has to offer. With styles for men and women, they’ll enjoy this gift for years to come.

Men's watch with leather straps.

Handbag: A Stylish Must-have

Help her look smart as she enters the workforce or interviews for her internship. To help her carry everything she needs for the interview to last-minute make-up essentials, a handy, spacious and gorgeous tote handbag is a stylish way to carry it all. Our selection of tote bags has the latest patterns and styles in trendy colors.

Black professional tote bag.

Wallet: An Organizing Essential

Every man has had that one wallet that he really loved. A carefully selected wallet is perfect for organizing his essentials. An attractive leather wallet is a tried, true and traditional graduation gift!

Gray leather cardholder wallet.

Sparkling Jewelry

Cliché to some, jewelry remains a popular milestone gift. Whether high school or university, jewelry is a perfect way to mark this occasion. Birthstone jewelry, especially a lovely pendant or a pair of classic studs, make an ideal choice. Or you can choose a jewelry embedded with their favorite color gemstone.

White topaz birthstone ring.

Learning Courses for Professional Development

There are plenty of graduation gifts that you might think of now, but gifting something that prepares them for their future job is an excellent choice. A subscription to LinkedIn Learning makes an ideal gift. They offer thousands of courses online in the creative, technology and business fields for reinforcing their skill set and evolving professional development.

Personalized Planner

When there is so much transition happening int he life of the new graduate, a personalized planner is something you should consider as a gift. It works as a perfect companion for them to keep an update on every event from major to minor.

Woman in office planning with a planner.

Check out Shop LC to save the most on your next graduation gift.

What’s the best graduation gift you’ve received? Tell us in the comments!

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