Throughout history, jewelry has undergone many innovations. For example, stones, feathers, bones, and shells were used as adornments for showing rank in ancient times. But gemstones took their place as time passed. So let’s take a look at why paperclip jewelry is the hottest trend.


Italian 14K Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver 4.5mm Diamond Cut Paperclip Necklace 22 Inches 16.10 Grams

Every accessory has a story to tell as an artisan follows their inspiration. Shaping raw material into something new, the wearer connects with it. We want to reflect our personality through jewelry. Sometimes this goes beyond words!

The same story holds for one of today’s hottest trends, which is turning heads due to its simple yet stylish look. This item gained popularity during World War II. At the time, paperclips were worn as a sign of resistance.

The humble paperclip was in invented in Norway. And Norwegians wore them as a sign of resistance against anti-semitism and Nazis. Even went it meant arrest, people chose to be brave and stand firm.

With this, the foundation of paperclip jewelry was established. Who could predict that a simple little that bound things together would also bind us together?

This minimalistic and classy look paved the way for modern designs that we enjoy today.



Paper Clip Collection Diamond Paper Clip Necklace 18 Inch in Platinum Over Sterling Silver 0.25 ctw

At first glance, it feels simple, yes, but this minimalist clip will enhance your look like no other.

First, the large rectangular pieces link together to form a necklace of any length. Then, the links get arranged to give the desired length ranging from close to your neckline to longer lengths.

You can’t go wrong with this choice; whether it is an occasion to remember, a beach party, or you just want to be yourself, it will make you stand out.

Suppose you want to make a fashion statement. In that case, you can pair more than one necklace with a layering look. A simple chain can give you the advantage.


Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Paper Clip Chain Bracelet (6.5-8.5In) 2.90 Grams

At times, matching pieces with outfits can be difficult. But, with paper clip bracelets, one can easily pair basic daily options with jewelry.

The arrangement of metal and sparkling stones in this trendy design gives a mesmerizing look. A classy appearance with fine gemstones is front and center with this captivating style.


Moissanite VS EF Paper Clip Earrings in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver 1.25 ctw

Something different gets noticed easily, and when talking about earrings, they are often the first piece of jewelry we see. Paper clip earrings are sure to impress with their distinctive design.

Adding gemstones in the front with chunkier links outlining the pattern gives a stylish look. Dangles, hoops, and studs have been inspired by this design to add a touch of something different.


Moissanite VS-EF Fashionable Paper Clip Ring in Rhodium Over Sterling Silver 1.00 ctw

Rings have been a fashion staple for centuries. So, a paperclip ring is something one would choose to look different.


Paperclip jewelry offers a contemporary style, and one might say it’s even becoming a jewelry staple. This accessory gives a minimalistic look but is classy and unique. You can even upgrade with the addition of gemstones!

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