Everyone loves floral print as an exciting incarnation of spring and summer style. But why only these seasons have all the fun? Floral prints are timeless, and a chic wear all year long. Check out the blog to find the perfect way to flaunt the floral trend for every season and every reason.

How to Wear Floral Print All Year Long?

Floral print typically brings the warm weather in mind, when the real blooms grace garden. Believe it or not, floral is in season all the time. You need to know how to flaunt it best and fit it into your style. They’re versatile and enjoy all colors and variations. From pastel colors for spring to vibrant autumn colors for the fall, it’s time to fill the closet with all the latest floral print pieces.

Spring into Soft Floral Prints

Spring is synonymous with bright, and happy feeling and the floral theme fit right into that! Embrace your inner lady with ankle-length floral pants, short-sleeved floral dresses, swimsuits, jumpsuits, floral skirts, scarves, a cute pair of floral rain boots or ballet flats, delicate floral head wreath and even sunglasses.

Here are some spring-friendly tips for choosing floral patterns:

  • Incorporate lighter pastels in your spring wardrobes like pale yellow, green, lilacs, and peach.
  • Opt for bright floral prints to define the light, bright feeling you want in the spring months.
  • Embrace lighter fabric in the spring month such as tropical wool, chiffon, linen, and seersucker. 

Medium shot of woman wearing floral dress and straw hat

Incorporate Summery Floral Fashion

With the mercury soaring, it’s the ideal time to replenish your wardrobe with some bright floral prints to drive away the gloom. Focus on pairing bright summer blossoms with cool and breezy top, floral shorts, rompers, sunglasses with flowers printed, lightweight floral scarf, strappy floral stiletto heels, and a hat to reflect the carefree summer attitude.

To nail the summery floral look, follow these guidelines:

  • Embrace lightweight fabrics that breathe well like cotton, linen, rayon, and chiffon.
  • Pick bold, vivid colors with large, edgy floral designs to reflect the carefree attitude.
  • Opt for light backgrounds to make a floral print stand out in your summer clothing.

Woman wearing floral flowy dress by the lake

Embrace Crisp Florals During Fall

With the temperature dipping, flowers wilting and the leaves just beginning to change colors, it’s time to opt for vibrant autumn shades. Try floral printed trousers, long-sleeve blouses, flower shorts with tights, as well as dresses to expand your fall fashion options. Think of cold days’ accessories such as layering pieces, lightweight muted scarf, floral backpack, floral print pumps, and a floral statement necklace. Make sure to complement your outfit with only one floral piece, so it doesn’t overpower your look.

Here are some general fall tips to consider:

  • Mimic colors in nature by choosing floral prints with copper, oxblood, mossy green, or plum.
  • Minimize the contrast by selecting a darker background for your floral print, such as off-white or navy.
  • Choose pieces with more extended cuts, such as long-sleeved tops and longer lengths on the bottom.

Woman wearing a dark floral dress with gray cardigan in the park

Include Frigid Floral Prints in Winters

Rock your winter look with the extra layering pieces and accessories. The darker floral palette in luxurious satin, knitted fabrics, plush cashmere, and velvet makes it more suitable for colder months. Show up for dressy affairs in a long floral dress, winter coat, dark floral pants, knitted beanie, thick scarf with a muted floral design, floral print warm boots, gloves or floral hat to keep you warm while adding a playful pattern to your appearance.

Here are some general tips to nail winter floral look:

  • Pick floral-print in a warmer fabric such as satin, corduroy, wool or cashmere.
  • Stick with long sleeves and longer hemlines to create a wintery look.
  • Layer the floral lace look with a blazer or sweater for a cozy winter outfit.

Woman wearing dark floral top with navy blazer and dark blue skirt

Tips to Rock the Floral Print Trend

Like every year, Spring/Summer 2019 fashion week is expected to be ruling the floral trend. And we are not complaining, especially when they pep up our look with feminity, freshness, and romance. Fashion designers and celebrities have embraced florals as a statement piece in different clothing and accessories, making it all the easier for you to get a little flowery. Here are a couple of style tips to rock the floral trend like a pro:

  1. Brighten Up: To make your outfit brighter and less annoying, make a stylish statement with bold but decent floral prints and inject some personality into your look.
  2. Tone It Down: Though floral patterns can be bright, bold and busy, you can easily tone them down by adding a little bit of calm and relaxed attitude into your look.
  3. Pick A Print: Choose a print similar in size to your frame. If you have a small structure, opt for a delicate floral print, as larger flowers might overwhelm your features. For a bold look, pick up a pattern with larger flowers with edgy styling and vivid colors.
  4. Turn Heads: Stick with one floral piece of clothing in your ensemble, so the outfit doesn’t look too clumsy. Planning to wear floral trouser, pick a solid colored top. It lets one piece take the center stage without creating an overwhelming look.
  5. Highlight It: Give flowers pop-out style by choosing pieces with appliquéd floral designs and 3D floral lace. Everything from shoes and purses to jackets and blouses gets a playful pop from flowers that seem to pop off the piece.

Two friends wearing minimalistic floral dresses

Making Floral Pieces Versatile for Multiple Seasons

Floral patterns may change from season to season, but that doesn’t create their categories to be followed for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Many styles rock throughout the year with a few amendments to personalize the look to the current season. Try these tips to make your floral pieces versatile:

  • Choose Neutral Floral Pieces: A neutral-colored floral clothing works wonder in summer or under a heavy blazer in the winter. The neutral coloring offers versatility no matter what the season. Reinvent your look with accessories or other clothing pieces.
  • Get Creative with Uses: The floral scarf you wear around your neck in the winters can work as a headband in the spring season.
  • Layer, Layer, Layer: A sleeveless shirt that stands on its own in warmer seasons gets a little help to fit a cool-weather look with the addition of a chunky cardigan. A skirt you wear with bare legs in the summer works in your winter wardrobe with floral tights (thick).
  • Focus on Accessories: While clothing is more specific to a season, accessories often work year-round. Floral sunglasses are a chic and a handy accessory. Floral necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings dress up outfits in all four seasons. Similarly, scarves and floral print shoes are accessible year-round.

Grow Your Floral Look

You’re officially a floral print pro! You know how to rock the floral trend year-round. Check out the ultimate range of floral print pieces from Shop LC for a pitch-perfect look!

Lime green floral watch

How do you plan to incorporate floral print this season? Share your fashion advice in the comments below!

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