If you are a lover of football and food, what’s better than the Big Game? The fierce competition and nail-biting moments become more exciting when accompanied by delicious dishes to binge on. Over the years, this contest has been a day to celebrate your love for both football and food. As foodies, we tend to make tons of dishes and end up with lots of leftovers. Let’s discuss some yummy recipes that use up your leftovers from your game day party.


Leftover Makeovers

Chili Eggs Benedict

English muffin topped with runny eggs and seasonings.

Using leftover chili with toasted muffins makes a great combination with poached eggs and hollandaise. Add a touch of sweet potato for a newly designed dish.


Buffalo Turkey Wings

Crispy buffalo wings with fries.

Simply bake your leftover wings to make them crisp again. Plate them with some yummy dip or sauce for a great snack for your next streaming binge.


Triple Pork Sliders

Shredded pork sliders topped with fresh coleslaw.

Place leftover pork slices between buns with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a smoky mayonnaise or BBQ sauce. These burgers will definitely delight your taste buds.


Beef Nachos

Delicious beef nachos and guacamole.

Mix leftover minced beef with some tangy sauces and crispy tortilla chips for a quick snack while spending time with friends.


Baked Taquitos

Lightly grilled bean taquitos with dipping sauces.

Just fill a corn tortilla with leftover bean dip, and roll it up to bake for 10 to 15 minutes. A new dish is ready for a quick snack, or tasty appetizer.


Salsa: The Flavor Booster

Assortment of colorful and fresh salsas.

Adding salsa makes almost anything better! Try it on your salads or even a sandwich for a bold boost of flavor.


With just a little twist on your leftovers, you are ready to create a whole new dish. Try organizing a dinner with your family and friends with these leftover makeovers and enjoy your food in whole new ways. What’s your favorite way to reuse leftovers?

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