Big Earrings, Bigger Aspirations

Minimalism has been a major trend for several years now. And, while it has its place, we’re ready for something big and bold. For Fall 2020, our prayers are being answered. 80s-inspired earrings are coming back in a big way! These are the totally tubular oversized statement earrings mom wore back in the day. If you’ve been craving some spherical button earrings or shoulder-grazing doorknockers, you’re in good company. Let’s take a peek at some rad retro inspiration!

Gnarly Geometry

Black statement earrings.

Sculptural earrings will be everywhere, and many designers are embracing this trend. Expect to see lots of clean lines and layers that build these beauties up. We love these black onyx earrings as a brilliant transition piece. It touches on a subtle 80s vibe while keeping its contemporary cool.


Bodacious Buttons

Blue statement earrings.

Spherical button earrings are another style we expect to make a strong showing. These retro-styled turquoise button earrings will be a bright spot in the cooler days ahead. The even blue tone of turquoise pops against a background of yellow gold and white enamel. They are colorful and playful, and the perfect accessory for your next Zoom call.


Thick and Chunky

Silver statement earrings.

You can’t continue the big earrings trend without big hoop earrings! Whether or not you go for a big pair of doorknockers is up to you. The key here is selecting a thick pair that feels comfortable. They don’t have to be grazing your shoulders. These silver statement earrings are large and lightweight, and great for wearing all day. If you prefer keeping things on the simple side, they’re a great choice that will get tons of mileage.


Dazzling Dynasty

Gold statement earrings.

It really wouldn’t be 80s excess without lots of glitz and glam! If you’re looking to dress up big time you’ll want something extravagant. These gold statement earrings are just the ticket. Overlapping circles create a mesmerizing whirlpool effect. Textured silver creates an eye-catching sparkle effect, and luxurious rose gold vermeil adds a regal touch. It’s the perfect accessory for solving your own ‘Who Done It’ mystery. 😉


Catch your own 80s vibe with some rad statement earrings.

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