Classic Line Bracelets are Coming Back with a Twist

As summer continues winding down, an unlikely trend seems to be winding up. Would you have guessed that the humble tennis bracelet is coming back? And, in a big way, it seems. As originally reported by JCK, we’re expecting to see cool new interpretations of these line bracelets just in time for Fall 2020. But this isn’t some flash-in-the-pan trend, as the appearance of the classic accessory can trace back to collections from last year.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Also known as a line bracelet or eternity bracelet, the classic tennis bracelet features a line of gemstones, usually matching, that wraps around the wrist. Diamond tennis bracelets are the perennial favorite, as made popular by tennis star Chris Evert. In the now famous story, Evert lost her bracelet in the middle of a match when the clasp broke.

Tennis Bracelets for Women

Are you ready for some stunning selections to wear this fall? We’ve curated a few of our favorite picks that embrace the creative craft of women’s tennis bracelets.

S-Link Tennis Bracelet

S-Link tennis bracelet in yellow gold.

Putting a literal twist on this timeless trend is this gold tennis bracelet. It’s the perfect choice for taking this accessory a little more upscale and a little more feminine.

Black Tennis Bracelet

Black diamond tennis bracelet.

There’s a reason black is the new black. You simply can’t beat this mysterious hue when accessorizing for fall or winter. A black rhodium finish paints this precious sterling silver bracelet in a dark hue. Black diamonds finish off this modern take on a timeless classic.

White Gold Tennis Bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelet in white gold.

In direct contrast to the black option above comes this amazing white gold tennis bracelet. Boxy links house round diamonds set within 14K white gold for a contemporary update. This pick will take you through fall, winter, and beyond!

Sapphire Tennis Bracelet

Fancy sapphire tennis bracelet.

Did you know that this September birthstone comes in a bevy of vibrant colors? This sapphire tennis bracelet is a great option for showing a delightful pop of color against a traditionally neutral palette for fall.

Silver Tennis Bracelet

London Blue Topaz tennis bracelet in sterling silver.

London Blue Topaz is one of the most sought-after variations of blue topaz. This dusky jewel offers a great balance of blue for fall. This silver tennis bracelet is great for a bold look, and could even be worn comfortably as a men’s tennis bracelet.

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