Are You in The Kaftan Club?

Previously, we introduced you to kaftans from Winlar. These loose, flowing dresses are great for casual wear. However, if you’re looking for something more structured, why not wear your kaftan with a belt?

Red Bali kaftan with a belt.

Wearing a Belt with a Kaftan Dress

Adding a belt to a kaftan dress is a great way of adding a structured look. By cinching up the fabric with a stylish belt, it creates a more defined silhouette. With the vivid and colorful patterns Winlar kaftans are known for, we recommend a neutral belt. However, there’s something to be said for complementary colors and patterns, too.

Recently, Shop LC brought a stunning selection of bespoke printed kaftans. Previously, this curated selection sold out very quickly. And, our customers were quick to request that we bring them back. And we did! Now, you can buy these popular kaftans once more – but this time with the addition of a handmade coconut shell belt.

Hand-printed kaftan garment.

The coconut belt comes in three shapes – either circle, oval, or floral. Each is finished with a completely natural lacquer. And, there five ways to wear this belt. Best of all, these tips also apply to any kaftan tunic you already own. Just try using an appropriately sized scarf in a complementary color.

  • Wear as a head scarf (with or without the buckle).
  • Remove the buckle to use it as a scarf.
  • Tie the belt around your waist with the buckle for a boho look.
  • Wrap it around your purse handle to coordinate your ensemble.
  • Or, try wearing the coconut shell belt buckle as a hair accessory!

Handprinted Bali Kaftans

Floral print kaftan dress.

Entirely handmade by Bali artisans, there Bali kaftans feature bold prints that represent the paradise culture of the island. These designs are hand set on a block screen. A manual printing process transfers ink to the fabric. Then, artists fill in color to the print. After 24 hours, the color is dry. A three-stage washing process ensures fastness of the color. Lastly, fabric is sent to the factory so that these handmade creations can be brought to life!

If you’re ready for more, discover the entire range of kaftans at Shop LC.

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