Transitioning from Summer to School

Summer vacation is almost over and it’s school time again! Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement and anxiety for both parents and kids. Preparation should start in the final weeks the summer holidays for a perfect back-to-school experience.

Getting the right items, enough rest, and adopting a positive approach will all work towards a smooth first day. For a stress-free school year, let’s look at what you need to prepare!

I. Back to School Tips for Kids

As the first day of school looms ahead, kids get excited about going back to school, to share new experiences, and to show off their best selves. At the same time getting back into the routine is pretty difficult after the long and leisurely holiday.

Even when summer vacation is over, back-to-school worries should not deter you from enjoying this time! Fight the “butterflies”, with these back-to-school tips for a great start!

Stick to a Routine

Start re-implementing a regular routine a week before school begins. It means following a morning and bedtime routine that has specific steps that you take in the same order each day. For example, wake up, brush teeth, take a bath, get dressed, eat breakfast, and pack a bag. This practice will make you ready for the big day.

Parents preparing children for school by the front door.

Stay Active and Busy Throughout the Summer

The children who struggle the most on their first day are those who spent their summer indoors relaxing. While summer should be about having fun and letting loose a little, you should also try to stay active and busy over its course of time. Signing up for a team sport or learning to play an instrument is a good idea. Attending a summer workshop for arts and crafts or taking dance classes are perfect examples of staying active.

Teacher helping four children paint in a classroom.

Continue Studying Over the Summer

After a good period of enjoyment, books might seem annoying or even boring. To overcome it, make sure you keep reading a part of your daily routine, even during the holidays. Simply keeping your brain in the habit of learning will give you an extra advantage. You may also find it helpful to brush up on previous knowledge that may help you in the year’s classes. Another way of preparing yourself for the year ahead is by reading through the syllabus for each of the subjects you’re taking this school year.

Child reading by the window.

II. Back to School Tips for Parents

If your child is about to start school for the first time, you and your little one are about to embark on one of life’s most exciting adventures! As a parent, what’s important is making the first day at school as stress-free as possible is by staying relaxed, confident, and above all, be prepared! Help calm your child’s fears (and your own) with these back-to-school tips.

Keep an Up-To-Date Calendar

One of the best tips for back-to-school is keeping your kid’s schedule organized. Once school is back in session, this can be one of the biggest challenges you face! The more kids you have, the more complicated it gets! A great back-to-school tip is having an up-to-date calendar to ensure that everything else falls into place. Oversized dry-erase calendars are the best because they have more room to write and you can reuse them every month!

Woman planning her schedule using a computer.

Shop for School Supplies Together

The most important thing you can do in preparing for your kid’s first day is to shop for school supplies together. Allow them to pick out their own backpack, lunchbox, binders, glue sticks, scissors, markers, highlighters and more. This is a great way to give them a little bit of responsibility too! The types of materials you’ll need will vary from class to class. Certain things, like pens and paper, will be used for virtually all classes, so be sure to stock up for the school year. Consult your school for the required list of supplies for your child’s grade level.

Child shopping for stationary at supermarket.

Review School Materials and Information

Most schools send home a packet full of documents with a ton of information regarding your child’s new teacher, significant dates to remember, important forms to complete, school functions, scout meetings, a report card of the previous year and transportation routines. Make sure that you read through this information carefully, and mark down all important dates on your calendar. Create a calendar with large squares or enter all the information. Use magnets to attach the calendar to the refrigerator, or tack it to a bulletin board.

Closeup of child studying.

Set Up a Homework Station

Designate a time and place for your child where they can do their homework daily. Make sure to choose a time when you’re available in case your child needs help. Choose a place that is quiet enough for your child to concentrate. Keep the homework station well-stocked with all the supplies they need to work, but without any distractions. Remove phones, video games and turn off the TV and block distracting websites on the computer so that they can concentrate on the homework tasks at hand.

Girl working on homework.

Give Their Wardrobe a Makeover

First and foremost, take an inventory of your kid’s clothing and see if they need any new clothes this season. If they do, then plan before you shop! Back to school clothing sales begin as early as July! Each year brings with it new fads and fashion that kids just have to add to their back-to-school wish lists. From the classic ponchos and colorful scarves to trendy pants and beautiful dresses, these clothing essentials will ensure your child is following the trend.

If the school enforces a uniform policy, there are still things you can do accessorize. Adding a multi-color satchel bag or floral headband can give your overall look some zest.

Mom and daughter shopping for new clothes.

Surprise Teachers with Wonderful DIY Gifts

Want to say “thanks” to a special teacher? Heading back to school is always a hectic time for teachers, so surprise your child’s teacher with a gift as soon as school begins. Create an exciting and innovate DIY present with your kids to show their teachers a little gratitude and appreciation. Customizing a gift from scratch is a great way to add sentimental value to the piece. From DIY clustered earrings to accessory necklaces, these creative jewelry gifts will definitely showcase your affection.

Mother working on DIY project with glue gun.

Prepare the Way

Confidence breeds competency. Familiarizing your child with their school environment will help them avoid a nervous stomach on the first day. Together you can meet their teacher, find their room and desk, or explore the playground. Also, find out how will they travel to school? The first day of school is no time to find out it takes ten minutes and not five to walk to the nearest bus stop! If they prefer walking, help them learn the route they’ll take and note the needed time. If they will ride a bus, learn the location of the bus stop and print and post the bus schedule and time to prevent a missed bus.

A little preparation beforehand goes a long way in easing your child’s transition back to school.

Working mother walking with child on the streets.

What are your favorite back-to-school tips? Share your thoughts int he comments below!

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