A New Year dawns upon us. And with a New Year comes new beginnings. With this in mind, it’s never too early to think forward and plan for the future. The Elemental Jewelry Collection from Shop LC includes many of these fun and charming symbols of new life and fresh starts. Inspired by stormy weather, discover meaningful symbols like raindrops, lightning bolts, clouds, and more!

Yellow gold star ring accented with simulated diamonds.

The infinite sky above us is home to the Moon and stars. A symbol of transcendence, the sky pushes clouds through the air with the winds of the world. The stars smile down upon us, reminding us of our place in the universe with their reliable constancy. And as these clouds make their way to the Four Corners of the Earth, they bring with them nurturing and life-giving rains.

Crescent moon pendant in rose gold and featuring simulated diamonds.

Many know the Moon as a feminine symbol. Also, a symbol of enlightenment and hidden knowledge, the lunar phases hold their own special meaning. The crescent moon symbolizes youth and the powerful energies of growth and development. Perfect for capturing the spirit of growth periods in our lives, the crescent moon represents the adolescence in our development. Things might be confusing and seem unfair, but the lessons learned during this time bring us future wisdom.

14k yellow gold raindrop earrings with simulated diamond accents.

Who doesn’t love sitting in during stormy weather? Watching the rains fall, it’s a comfort to witness these waters giving new life to the world around us. Greenery sprouts in its place, allowing the circle of life to thrive. Besides being a symbol of life and fertility, falling rain also represents purification, allowing us to experience rebirth as we take destiny by the reins to forge a new path.

But if we must get out during rainy weather, it’s vital to keep our umbrella handy! The umbrella is a symbol of protection. It helps us maintain our composure and dignity during turbulent times.

Rose gold lightning bolt earring.

But with stormy clouds comes lightning. Anyone who has witnessed a summer storm can attest to the awesome power of a crackling lightning bolt. But while lightning can destroy, it can also illuminate. You see, the lightning bolt is an ancient symbol of illumination. Some see lightning as a divine message, banishing ignorance in a flash of inspiration. While a storm rages around you, strikes of lightning provide inspiration and new meaning to these events. It reminds us to trust our intuition and to seek inspiration when life events seem destructive.

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