One of the most admired Japanese arts has appeared from something that was first thought for practical uses. The word, furoshiki, translates to “bath” for furo and “spread” for shiki. Before furoshiki wrapping was used for gifting, it was first used during the Nara period to protect valuable goods.

Furoshiki wrapping infographic.

The Japanese have mastered the art of using fabric to wrap and transport items. This gift wrapping hack has become a famous practice across cultures and around the world. It is one of the best ways to carry food, bottles, or other necessities. It has also become as a stylish Christmas gift wrapping idea.


Furoshiki uses a square cloth. The fabric can be used for transportation, gift wrapping, home décor, or even fashion! The word itself applies to both the fabric and the gift wrapping craft. This art has brought a new meaning to the gift giving around the world.      


As the holidays are here, there is a focus on finding a creative Christmas gift wrapping idea. But how do you start? The first step is finding a suitable and appealing piece of cloth. Sounds easy? But it’s somewhat confusing. Below are a few tips and suggestions that will help in making an easy choice.


The first place you can rely on is your closet. You probably have many clothing pieces or other fabric that are just laying around. So, look for a bedsheet, shirt, skirt, or any cloth that can be cut into a square and can cover your present. You can choose from prints to solid colors. It all depends on you!


When you are planning a unique gift wrap, why not make it a double treat? Scarves are one of the perfect, go-to choices. It makes your gift a hundred percent usable! Go for a silk scarf or a patterned one; every piece creates a unique story.  


Another great gift wrapping hack is a comfy kaftan. Many are perfectly square and make for excellent gift wrapping. From hundreds of pieces to pick, get something stylish and edgy!


Why search everywhere when bandana are here? Likely, you already have one! Easily accessible, colorful, and versatile, this piece of clothing is the right choice.


If you are new to this technique, these tips will give you a great start.

  • Make sure your fabric is cut appropriately for the gift.
  • Not sure of the size? How about experimenting with a napkin, bandana, or a spare cloth to identify the required coverage.
  • Keep an eye on the weight of the fabric. It affects the neatness.
  • No box? No worries! Go for a thicker fabric.
  • Personalize your wrap with your gift. A baby blanket is an excellent wrap for a baby gift. A swatch complements earrings. Un-sewn fabric wrap gives an extra gift to your crafty friends!

This holiday season brings uniqueness to your gifting by using furoshiki wrapping. Your friends and family will be delighted to see their presents wrapped elegantly and uniquely.

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