What is Administrative Professionals’ Day?

Did you know that the last week of April is Administrative Professionals Week? And in the United States, we celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day on Wednesday of this week. This day is all about celebrating what secretaries, receptionists and other administrative support roles do for us to help our offices run smoothly. Be sure to show these fine folks some love!

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Choosing the Perfect Office Gift

Americans are one of the hardest working nations in the world, and we put in plenty of hours week after week. So, with spending so much time at our desks, how can we make this a better experience? Try to make their day-to-day just that much better. It’s simple, really. As long as you’re choosing something thoughtful and considerate, it’s hard to go wrong.

How much should you spend on a co-worker?

Most expert sources recommend that a thoughtful gift is more important than an expensive one, but you should avoid giving any gift that feels “cheap.” A survey on the matter indicates that most people spend around $20 on gifts for coworkers. It’s the de facto sweet spot for choosing gifts for your coworkers.

With a budget in mind, it’s not hard to find thoughtful and practical gifts for anyone in your office. Just consider these office gifts for under $20 and inspire yourself!

Warm and Plush Throws

Any stereotypical office setting seems to involve battles over the thermostat. After all, we’re each different. Some like it hotter, some cooler. If you’re buying for someone who tends to feel cold often, consider getting them a beautiful, plush throw blanket.

Throw blanket draped over a couch.

They’re great for layering if your office mate forgot their usual sweater or jacket. Plus, they’re big enough to cover but small enough to fold and store in a file drawer when not needed. Or, they can just be draped over a chair!

Buy a throw blanket in their favorite color if you know it, or just choose a nice neutral if you’re not sure. And don’t forget, even a quick nap can provide significant benefits!

Revitalizing Skincare

Now, before you dismiss skincare as just a gift for women, consider this. Every day, our hands encounter plenty of situations that draw away moisture. Sometimes, it’s just the weather. But, simple tasks like opening boxes and envelopes, or just handling paper frequently cause our skin to dry. Not to mention, most hand sanitizers (which are everywhere these days) also result in dry skin.

Unscented tub of body butter cream.

For those who frequently handle mail, like a receptionist or front office administrator, consider gifting a rejuvenating hand lotion. The chance to refresh their skin during a long day might just be the boost they need, especially considering all the people they might typically meet during the day. That can be a lot of handshaking!

Unless you know their favorite scent, your best bet is choosing an unscented or gently scented product.

The Ubiquitous Tote

No matter who you are, sometimes you need an extra set of hands for carrying files home from work or groceries picked up on the way home. This is where a nicely chosen tote comes to the rescue!

Black and white plaid tote bag with coin purse.

Totes are all over the place nowadays, and you’ll find them for sale from couture boutiques to the check-out aisle of grocery stores. For gifting your office buddy, think about what will be practical for their needs. It should be small enough to fit into their satchel, backpack or even purse, but large enough it can handle the jobs they’ll need it for.

Totes are a place where you can get a little more creative compared to other suggestions on this list. Try a fun pattern or trendy accent color to gift your office friend a little fun. Or, play it safe and choose a reliable and trusty pattern or neutral.

Don’t Forget the Card!

What makes a gift truly personal and memorable is knowing that it comes from the heart. So, whether you’re using a store-bought card or one you made yourself, be sure to inscribe a thoughtful message to your office coworker or favorite administrative professional. It’s important to let them know how you appreciate their contributions and what it means to you.

Did we miss a great suggestion? Tell us in the comments below!

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