We know Rachel Galley Jewellery for its iconic latticework and stunning textures. Every piece is a conduit for the treasured memories that inspired their creation. And now, the Rachel Galley Allegro Collection takes these unique designer motifs to the next level.

Rachel Galley bangle in sterling silver.

An allegro is a musical composition moving at a brisk and lively tempo. Full of life and energy, it inspires movement and action. When handling a piece from the Rachel Galley Allegro Collection, it is easy to see these influences at play.

Rachel tells Shop LC, “Jewelry is a touch point of memories and celebration for us all.” In fact, the distinct textures of her jewelry draw inspiration from fond memories of cooking with her grandmother. Recalling this imagery, Rachel worked to ‘bake in’ these elements into her designs.

Creating the collection wasn’t easy. The distinct look and feel of latticework carries its own complexities. Filing and finishing each area to perfection takes patience. The double-sided plating of requires expertise. As a result, casting each signature lattice design, with its hidden silver beads, takes time – just like baking the perfect pie!

The Rachel Galley Allegro Collection fits perfectly into your everyday style. It combines practicality and lavish sparkle for fun pieces you’ll want to wear daily. Delicate, yet robust, these jewelry pieces are ideal for both stacking and layering.

Rachel Galley bangle in sterling silver.


A sterling silver bracelet is amazing to own. This stunning Rachel Galley bangle is one of her most popular designs. Moving silver balls, hidden within, capture the playful spirit of the Rachel Galley Allegro Collection. Consider this piece to be a ‘must-have’ that you will want to wear all the time.

Rachel Galley rose gold pendant.

Every piece of the collection celebrates movement. This Rachel Galley pendant necklace is a key piece to consider. This dramatic piece continues the theme of movement seen throughout the entire collection. In addition to the rose gold option, you may also choose from sterling silver and yellow gold. A 30 inch adjust chain provides plenty of options for how to wear your necklace.

Rachel Galley gem pendant.

Even gemstones find their way into Rachel Galley Jewellery. Garnet, blue topaz, amethyst, and Russian diopside find themselves all on display in this colorful Rachel Galley pendant. Every jewel is artfully arranged among the artisanal latticework of this round pendant.

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