We already know that a face mask is essential this year. Wearing a mask is one of the best ways to protect yourself and loved ones from spreading coronavirus. But how do you take wearing a mask to the next level? That is wear choosing the right face mask chain comes to play. It’s the best way to take the most important part of our new normal and make it a vibe.

Woman wearing face mask neck chain.

Wearing a face mask can feel exhausting. Normally, I run a few errands at once when I need to leave my home, and that means bringing along a face mask. I don’t even think it’s a question, but what do you do when you want to take it off? Normally, I stuff it into a pocket or bag, and then have to fish it out when I get to my next stop. When I stop and think about it, this might not be the best solution. By then, it’s been floating around in there. There is no telling what might get contaminated.

A face mask chain keeps your cloth mask handy, but also helps reduce unnecessary contact with other surfaces. It’s a win-win! Lobster claw clasps easily clip onto the ear loops of your cloth mask and rest around your neck. If you’re feeling stylish, you can also experiment with letting the chain dangle under your chin. Really, it is up to you!

How to wear a face mask chain as a lanyard.

One day, this time of our lives will be behind us. Thankfully, many of these mask chains also double as lanyards! It is quick and easy to slip these chains from the mask and loop them onto the earpiece of your favorite pair of glasses or sunglasses. Or, why not clip both claps together for a stylish necklace?

Close up of face mask chain necklace.

Shop LC offers a fun selection of face mask chains. Coming from our Idea Lab, each face mask chain combines a stylish chain necklace and genuine gemstone accents. With options in shungite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, amethyst, and red jasper, you’ll find something to love, no matter your style.

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Disclaimer: Shop LC does not warrant or make any representation that these masks are effective in preventing the spread, transmission or contracting of any injury or illness including COVID-19.  Please consult your healthcare professional prior to use. Follow current CDC guidelines when wearing these masks.

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