Whenever you open your old jewelry box, you might find some lovely pieces that have been on-and-off favorites. An old necklace, pendant, chains, and bracelets can be worn again, but something that may not be wearable is an old ring. Remember when you bought it with so much love and desire? But now it doesn’t fit you anymore! It may be your wedding ring, engagement ring or a ring gifted by your mother; each one holds a special place in your heart and collection. Here are a few tips for reusing an old ring and creating new memories with your breathtaking jewelry.

Wear Them as a Pendant

Rings waiting to be threaded on chains to make pendants.

Turning an old ring into a pendant is a great idea! All you have to do is just slide the ring onto your favorite chain and wear it around your neck. It’s a trendy style for accessorizing and marks your fashion presence in crowd. This not only brings new use to old jewelry, use but also keeps it close to your heart as you relive old memories.

Gift Them to a Loved One

Heirloom ring awaiting gifting.

Gifting jewelry is never out of fashion. Whether it’s your daughter’s graduation day, or your grand daughter’s wedding, presenting her with an heirloom style ring will make her day! Take that stunning ring out from your collection and gift it to your loved one. It’s a heartwarming gift that will make her feel special and strengthen your bond for a lifetime.

Use Them in a DIY Jewelry Project

Woman sorting jewelry for DIY projects.

If you have a few band rings and none of them fit anymore, then try this unique DIY idea. Collect all of the rings, and attach them with one another by creating links from wire. Put a fish hook or lobster clasp on one end, and your bracelet is ready to wear! Pair it with any outfit or stack it with other accessories for a stylized look. You can also make a fashionable pair of asymmetrical earrings with two similar rings!

Just Resize It!

Resizing a gold ring.

Some rings are simply too gorgeous to give away or to be kept inside a jewelry box for years and years. If you want to wear them again, just take them to your nearest jeweler and have them resized. The jeweler will resize the ring to fit your finger, giving it a new life!

What are your ideas for rings that do not fit anymore? Let us know in comments below!

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