After many months of hard work, Shop LC is proud to announce our winning of the Commitment Level Award through the Quality Texas Foundation. It was a tough road, and we learned a lot about who we are.

Most importantly, it really shed light on the importance of Delivering Joy. Our ultimate Purpose, it’s important to our livelihood and continuing success. If we’re not Delivering Joy, we’re not Shop LC. But, why does winning some award even matter?

What is the Quality Texas Foundation?

The Quality Texas Foundation (QTF) bestowed our Commitment Level Award. QTF helps a variety of organizations, such as schools, hospitals, government agencies, and small businesses improve their operations. This is accomplished through a structured program that includes education, training, and feedback. QTF promotes using the Baldrige Program as the framework for every organization to succeed on their individual journeys.


What is the Baldrige Program?

In the mid-1980s, an ever-growing global market was putting the United States behind. Realizing the need to compete is an ever-changing world, US leaders determined there should be a focus on quality across all aspects of a business. Malcolm Baldrige, the Secretary of Commerce during this time, was a strong advocate of quality management and an early champion for developing sustainable practices to keep the United States competitive.

The program would later be named for him, and its principles applied to many types of organizations beyond for-profit businesses.


How Does it All Work?

By working with companies and various organizations on a state level, QTF helps businesses develop sustainable and efficient strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By adopting these practices, everyone benefits. As businesses succeed at higher and higher tiers, they become role models for other organizations to follow. Employees benefit from an efficient structure, with clear paths to success. Ultimately, customer satisfaction rises and consumers benefit from an improved experience.


Why does the Commitment Level Award Matter?

The Commitment Level Application is a single step on the never journey in our Purpose of Delivering Joy. Organizations that operate at the commitment level possess a sound system of management based on principles of quality. We know what’s important to our long-term success and have a strong roadmap to reach that goal. But ultimately, it’s preparing Shop LC for our goal of winning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.


The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

The highest level of national recognition for performance excellence is expressed through the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. The award grades on five key areas, including products, customers, employees, leadership, and the market. By focusing on the success of processes in these key areas, organizations learn to consistently develop a stellar experience for customers, employees and other key stakeholders.

Winners of the award are an aspirational example of where any business or group should want to be. Winners recognize that improvement is an on-going process for satisfying customers and stakeholders. This aligns perfectly with our Purpose of Delivering Joy at Shop LC. It too is an on-going practice.

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