Thank goodness, the era of Covid-19 finally seems to be ending! More and more people are vaccinated and we’re starting to venture outside. After all that time – the quarantining, binge-watching, and frightening lack of trips to the hairdresser – now is the perfect moment to try new things. Namely, new hairstyles!

These eight looks are the freshest of the season and are a great jumping off point for anyone looking to revitalize their look.

Top 8 Summer Hairstyles For 2021
Top 8 Summer Hairstyles For 2021 Created By: Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

One Length Hair

This hairstyle is a classic and can be styled in many ways. It never goes out of fashion because it’s simple, low maintenance, and quick for anyone on the go. This look is great for any hair part, too, whether middle or side, and don’t forget bangs! That simple change will spice up this classic look. Although not anything new, you can also make the one length style unique with distinctive colors, such as highlights, an ombre, or something bright and eccentric.


A variation of the beloved bob hairstyle, the lob is a longer style that can be cut anywhere from just above the shoulder to all the way to the collarbone. This is a great middle ground between short and long hairstyles for anyone who just can’t decide. It’s really the best of both worlds! Depending on the way you style it, it can also give you the appearance of thicker hair with more movement. This look works for all hair textures and is easy to style however you choose.

Natural Texture

A popular technique is simply accentuating and celebrating your hair’s natural texture. This look is meant to complement the natural curl pattern of your hair. This works best for those with kinky or tightly curled hair. This look is incredibly versatile and looks great with any outfit at any event. Wearing your hair naturally is also good for your health! It keeps your hair strong and you no longer have to worry about chemicals in any of your styling products.

Blunt Bob

Do you want a sharp and easy to maintain hairstyle for this post-Covid world? The blunt bob is chic and looks great at a variety of lengths. This classy look frames your face and with a slight forward taper, can emphasize your neckline as well. It can accentuate your jawline, and if you’re looking to show off your makeup skills, this is the perfect haircut to pair them with. Try different styling products and adding bangs for variety with this look!

Long With Long Layers

Very popular in 2021 are layers, and this look is a great place to start. It’s simple and elegant, and not too out of the box. The long layers add volume and movement to your hair. Volume is an often-overlooked part of hairstyling that can really make a difference! This gorgeous hairstyle is also pretty easy to style, usually only requiring a bit of styling product in the morning.

Cropped Pixie

Another classic hairstyle is the reliable pixie cut. As its name suggests, this look is celebrated for its pixie-inspired charm. It’s timeless, having been popularized in the ‘60s by Audrey Hepburn herself! Recently, however, we’ve seen changes to this look, with stylists adding soft layers and feathered edges. This can help add desired texture and volume to what may otherwise be a rather flat hairstyle. As always, this look is bold and cute and normally doesn’t require too much styling. Getting an exciting cut like this feels very freeing, a perfect choice if you’re in the market for a big change after the pandemic.

Shag Cut

Popularized by a trend on the video app TikTok, where young women give themselves this hairstyle in moments, the shag hairstyle is very in right now! It’s a vintage-inspired, edgy, DIY look. The choppy layers add dimension to your hair, creating a windswept and casual look.  Depending on the way it’s cut and styled, it can bring out your cheekbones and flatter your face as a whole. This hairstyle is pretty easy to maintain, and usually just requires a bit of styling product in the morning.

Modern Mullet

Although it may sound scary at first – the mullet is back! But it’s better than ever. Rather than being reminiscent of cringeworthy 80s trends, however, the new mullet is deliberate and sharp. It’s the look of fashionistas, artists, and musicians. The updated look is characterized by layers, and a tousled appearance. Unlike the mullets of the past, this look is edgy, fashionable, and even punk. It’s nostalgic, too, making us think of the fashion we loved in the 80s and 90s, rather than the sequins and shoulder pads we’ve come to regret.

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