Home shopping celebrity Chuck Clemency is coming to Shop LC!

Chuck Clemency

A veteran presenter, Chuck has been in the home shopping industry for over 27 years. Chuck Clemency began in the jewelry business in 1976 as a Jewelry Department Manager in Sacramento, California. Working his way through the ranks to General Manager, and then Regional Jewelry Manager, relocating to his home state of New Jersey along the way.

By 1992, Chuck began his home shopping career and has been in this space since. Mr. Clemency has a history with Shop LC. Several of his most loved designs were produced through Vaibhav Global Limited, parent company and manufacturing arm of Shop LC.

“Chuck’s experience and enthusiastic energy will be a strong addition to Shop LC,” explains Amit Agarwal, President of Shop LC. “Chuck has a large fan following, additionally his specialty in diamond and gemstone jewelry is the perfect fit for Shop LC, and we expect many good things in the years ahead.”

A dapper gentlemen, Chuck is well-known for his put together look. Why not explore the range of available men’s jewelry available from Shop LC? From cooly casual to regally refined, there are options for every style.

Consult the Shop LC Program Guide to catch all of Chuck’s upcoming shows. 

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