The Best Combination of Stones to Use with Shungite

Though shungite is potent when used alone, they can also be paired with other gemstones for additional benefits. Shungite amplifies the benefits and effects of other stones when combined . So, if you are using any particular gem, the use of shungite will help you reap greater benefits.

Moreover, shungite is also known to absorb surrounding negative energies. It can often contribute a great deal to your confrontational attitudes and make you susceptible to sudden outbursts during the initial stages of use. During this time, it can be of great help if you combine the stone with another elite crystal that promotes harmony and calm in interpersonal relations and everyday life. It’ll help you to accept the negativity emanating from the people surrounding you in a composed way.

Disclaimer: Use of any stone or mineral, including Shungite, is not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, and nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Information provided should not be used to treat any illness, injury, medical condition, or ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health professional.

Shungite + Carnelian = Stimulates Creativity

Carnelian is a creative, energetic stone that adds vitality to your ideas and direction. When combined with shungite’s balancing and harmonious energy it’ll help to give you the action needed to forge ahead with new ideas while keeping you grounded and balanced so you don’t run off the rails!

Shungite pendant with carnelian accent displayed on drift wood.

Combining the energies of these two protective stones provides a large energetic flow to the body, moving up in a spiral from below. Some have reported higher states of consciousness and activation of extrasensory abilities. Your vital field becomes less permeable to harmful signals produced by electronics such as EMF, Wi-Fi, EMR, and other manmade sources of radiation.

Shungite + Selenite = Stabilizes Healing

Shungite and selenite are two must-have gems. Their energies are so noticeable, transformative, and harmonizing that those who try them cannot imagine living or working in a space without them.

Selenite holds yin energy of softness, transformation, gentleness, and femininity, while shungite holds yang energy of logic, control, power, knowledge, and masculinity. Combining the energies of these two stones provides you with the duality necessary to maintaining balance in your life. Shungite helps you detox the mind, body, and spirit, while selenite is there to soothe and protect us, creating a perfect synergy.

Shungite + Rock Crystal Quartz = Enhances Wisdom

Clear quartz is the stone that illuminates the mind and body, drawing away negative energy.  Shungite helps us regain positive energy from the outside world, attracting luck and good fortune. These stones together help improve your concentration and overall performance by restoring the emotional and physical balance of the body.

Shungite + Fluorite = Cleanses the Aura

Shungite and fluorite are incredibly protective stones. This dynamic duo defuses negative influence, cleanses the aura, and stimulates energy flow within your body. The clear energy of fluorite enhances the curative properties of shungite and helps maintain your physical and emotional health.

These harmonizers also help busy minds organize and plan projects by assisting in assimilating information from multiple sources. It promotes harmony between “left” and “right” thinking in the brain.

Shungite + Tiger’s Eye = Take Life by the Horns

This pairing is recommended for building confidence and starting new projects or finding a sense of belonging. Tiger’s eye is appreciated for its ability to increase concentration and focus. Shungite catalyzes tiger’s eye ability to unify, helping us integrate multiple sources of input in hectic lives while preventing one from being defined by work.

Shungite + Rose Quartz = Stay Grounded

Suggested for grounding emotions and stilling one’s heart. Good for centering the self and inducing calm. Governing matters of the heart, shungite unlocks greater potential within rose quartz, helping us stay focused when navigating complicated romantic feelings. A stone heavily associated with femininity, this pairing is said to enhance circulation to the pelvis, stimulating fertility and intimacy.

Shungite and Blue Calcite = Speak Your Own Truth

Enhances your sense of direction when treading your own path in life and aids in staying true to yourself. By stimulating mental development, this pairing helps one weigh decisions ahead of them in life. Blue calcite, which stimulates our throat chakra, empowers one to speak up and stand your ground when life threatens to take you down a disagreeable course.

Shungite and Amethyst = A Clear Mind for Inner Peace

Therapists suggest this pairing works well for aligning the energies of the body through the peace that amethyst exudes. Shungite enhances the sobering effects of amethyst, providing a profound sense of peace during meditation. This is enhanced by the stone’s perceived ability to help us concentrate and reduce ailments of the head, like migraines.

Shungite ring with amethyst halo resting on stone.

How to Use the Healing Crystal Combo?

Believers say shungite shields the wearer from electromagnetic radiation, balances cosmic energies and grants the power to deal with intense situations. Shungite pairing also encourages the wearer to find confidence and courage to stand apart from others without taking on their energies.

During meditation, it is advised to hold the harmonizer in the left-hand palm with right-hand supporting underneath. Close your eyes and concentrate on the physical sensations and sense the energetic flow that is moving through your body.

Using harmonizers as a protective amulet, carrying them when you’re concerned with your safety or keeping one near the front door of your home or office is believed to guard you against negative energies.

Pairing shungite with other stones will not only move you away from negativity but will also promote positivity and self-empowerment in your body as well as your spirit. Shungite is immensely famous around the world for its beneficial properties, and its popularity is on the rise. Shungite stone is a must-have for your collection if you want to improve the quality of your life.

Learn what makes shungite special and create the foundation for your own unique shungite collection. Keeping a shungite stone near you or wearing it as shungite jewelry will amplify its energy allowing you to experience these properties in full.

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