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We all know what a diamond is, but what are shoppers really looking for this holiday season? When it comes to gemstone jewelry, it’s probably no surprise that diamond jewelry is still king. But what are the most popular stones this year? Here are the top ten gemstones for 2021. This list was compiled based on what real shoppers are searching for with Shop LC.

“It’s no surprise that diamonds top the chart,” explains Chuck Clemency, Shop LC Host. “Shoppers know and love diamonds. But what is surprising is their growing love for colored gemstones, such as shungite, which isn’t widely available except through select vendors like Shop LC.”


Number ten on our list is the March birthstone, aquamarine. Prized for its sea blue color, this gem is considered most valuable when it displays a deep saturation of color.


Shop LC shoppers are already well acquainted with this rare gemstone. Only found in Tanzania, tanzanite is about 1000 rarer than diamonds. Originally considered a sapphire substitute, today tanzanite is prized for its amazing color and pleochroic properties.


The red variety of corundum, ruby has long been considered one of the ‘big three’ colored gems, alongside emerald and sapphire. Ruby is considered a stone of passion, and this July birthstone is highly prized for its bloody color.


In Chinese culture, jade has many special meanings. Primarily known for its green variety, what we call jade is two closely related stones – nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite is generally considered to be the more valuable of the two, as it is here the most precious greens occur.


In many world cultures, turquoise carries a special meaning. For many, flawless Sleeping Beauty Turquoise represents an endless, wide-open sky. No longer having an actively mined supply, Shop LC is only one of a few vendors who continues to reliably offer this increasingly rare gem.


The reputation for moissanite grows by the day. First considered to be just a diamond simulant, moissanite has carved out a reputation as anything but. Mostly lab created for commercial sale, rare, naturally occurring specimens were first found in the American Southwest.


Organic gems like pearl have been seeing a rise in popularity in recent years. So, it’s no surprise to find them ranked so highly! Collectors and fashionistas value pearls for their organic qualities, and pearl jewelry has been moving away from the carefully matched strands grandma wore, instead favoring designs that embrace what Mother Nature help make.


A standout hit in recent years, shungite is experiencing a boom in popularity, such as its feature in Accessories Magazine. In crystal therapy, shungite is thought to provide many therapeutic benefits. Shungite ranges in color from matte black to metallic.


One of two October birthstones, opal is a long-appreciated gem. Known for its intriguing play-of-color, the most valuable opals come from Australia. However, over the last few decades, Welo opals from Ethiopia have been making great strides, providing high quality stones that rival the finest Australian opals for a fraction of the price.


Is it any surprise that diamond jewelry is at the top? Diamonds are deeply entrenched in our culture, and they remain the quintessential choice in engagement jewelry. Diamonds are here to stay, but even this august gem is changing with the times. Lab created diamonds are a hot topic in the jewelry industry, and more and more retailers are experimenting with these options.

“Honorable mentions go to emerald, amethyst, moonstone, larimar, grandidierite, morganite, and labradorite,” says Clemency. “These gems are dark horses, which we are watching carefully, as any one of them are likely to become one of next year’s top gemstones!”

Who knows what next year will bring? Jewelry is a personal expression, and there are gems to suit every mood and style. Hopefully these options will open your eyes to the amazing selection of colored gemstones!

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