What is a Baroque Pearl?

For decades, cultured freshwater pearls have been becoming more and more affordable. Thanks to better methods, Chinese freshwater pearl farmers can offer affordable, great looking gems. For years, the most liked pearls have been round, or nearly round. But these days, grandma’s pearls are stepping aside to embrace baroque pearl trends. Learn how to make baroque pearl jewelry work for you while creating a look as unique as you are!

In recent years, complex shapes have become more popular among designers and consumers — many like their unique appearance. Baroque pearl jewelry offers a chance for one-of-a-kind looks, often along with the beautiful luster and orient these jewels provide.

Baroque pearl pendant in custom wrapped setting.

Somewhere between 35 to 40 percent of freshwater pearl stock are baroque and near baroque shapes. Baroque pearls lack any symmetry, making them a great choice in asymmetrical jewelry, and near baroque pearls are often slightly irregular. This makes them a contender in matched jewelry, like baroque pearl earrings.

Circled baroque cultured pearls, once considered less desirable, have also become very popular. These kinds of gems display rings spaced across the surface of the stone. They’re often more affordable than other cultured pearls and are ideal for dressing up fine jewelry by adding exciting texture.

Baroque Pearl in Fashion

Baroque cultured pearls, with their unusual shapes, are becoming more and more popular.

Large baroque pearls are an anticipated Fall 2019 trend, carrying over from the previous Spring 2019 and Fall 2018 seasons. These organic styles demand attention, and bigger is better in jewelry like baroque pearl earrings.

Baroque pearl jewelry favors styles that break from the norm with classic pearls. Asymmetrical jewelry and statement pieces are a big thing right now. They are finding a new home with streetwear while breaking ranks from standard luncheon looks.

Baroque pearl ring with custom mount and setting.

These trends are also rising in men’s jewelry, as large statement pieces join traditional staples like watches and bracelets. There is a strong desire for bold, striking jewelry that is out of the ordinary. As men’s jewelry continues this trend of experimentation, we expect to see even more looks for men emerge.

Baroque pearl is ideal for creating sophisticated, layered looks that pile on the jewelry, but is equally at home with simple statement pieces. Just like its organic, unique formation, it’s about creating a personalized look. Start with a few pieces to start experimenting, and continue adding more till you hit your sweet spot.

The meteoric rise of baroque pearl is continuing into Spring 2020 fashion as well. Raw, asymmetrical, and organic looks will dominate this space. These styles favor white, pinks, creams, and other neutrals, but don’t be surprised to find bright pastels and other twists on standard spring style.

Baroque pearls have also been making appearances as wedding jewelry during Bridal Fashion Week. They are everywhere in bridal jewelry from the large bridal houses, with an emphasis on hair accessories and earrings.

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