Repurpose earrings with our handy guide!


Keeping up with every piece of jewelry can be impossible when you’re doing a million different things at once. It’s easier to hide mismatched socks than it is to hide mismatched earrings. But don’t throw away that lone piece of jewelry yet! Earrings can do more than complete your look. Read on to learn seven quick and easy projects to repurpose earrings you found at the bottom of your purse.

Bedazzled Shoes

Maybe you like to collect costume jewelry or maybe your ears aren’t pierced. Either way, clip-on earrings are a great way to bedazzle pretty much anything. This shoe decor tutorial shows you how to add pizzazz to any shoe that’s lacking character.
Repurpose earrings to decorate shoes!

Fabulous Bookmarks


It might be tempting to grab the nearest object and place it in your book to save your spot, but you should make a cute bookmark from old earrings instead! This bookmark project is so easy that you only need three items.
Repurpose earrings to create fun bookmarks!

Chic Fridge

How many times a day do you look in the fridge? The refrigerator is the center of your kitchen, so you should take the time to decorate it. No need to do anything drastic, but you can add a little glamour to it with these easy DIY magnets.

Vintage Bracelets


There are more ways to repurpose earrings than just using them to decorate other items.  In this DIY bracelet tutorial, vintage earrings are used to make a unique bracelet. It’s a really nice project if you have a lot of old jewelry from your grandparents or other family members. You will be able to keep a special piece of history with you in a fun and stylish way.
You can repurpose earrings to create unique bracelets!

Pinned Down


Reuse those solo studs as a pin for your corkboard because you can never have too many pins! This push pin tutorial only has two steps! Even the most anti-DIY person can look like a Pinterest guru with this simple project.
Create funky pins when you repurpose earrings!

Charming Neckwear


This charming project lets you combine new and old items to create a classy charm necklace. This type of necklace looks great with a simple V-neck or with crew neck top. For more help on necklaces and necklines, check out our guide!
Repurpose earrings into cool statement necklaces!

Making a Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces make a simple outfit really pop, but sometimes they can get pretty pricey. The thing that makes statement jewelry so bold is its originality. There’s no better way to be original than making it yourself! This easy-to-follow statement necklace tutorial makes that task simple.
You can repurpose earrings into captivating statement necklaces!
There you have it! It’s fun to repurpose earrings because you’re able to customize anything you want and add character to everyday items. If you don’t have any random earrings laying around to use for projects, check out the Liquidation Channel’s Rising Auctions! You can get earrings and other jewelry for projects as low as $1. Feel free to share your ideas and photos of your finished projects!