Five stunning opals for fall

Opal is one of the official October birthstones. While many might already know about black opal, fewer know about the larger variety out there. There are so many exciting choices! With that said, it’s my pleasure to share some of the exquisite options to consider when choosing an opal ring.


Ethiopian Welo Opal

White opal ring in sterling silver.

If you’ve been shopping with Shop LC for a while, you’ve likely seen a captivating white opal ring like this. It is one of the most popular alternatives available today. Welo opal is known for its clean white or creamy body color. This allows the shifting pattern of iridescence, known as play-of-color, to dance just below the surface of the stone. It’s also a gem to watch, as it has only been growing in popularity since its discovery just a few decades ago. It’s quickly becoming a favorite of designers and trendsetters everywhere!


Australian Boulder Opal

Boulder opal halo ring in sterling silver.

Boulder opals have long been admired for their beauty. Most often these jewels are found as tiny slivers of gemmy material among host rock. For this reason, boulder opals are fashioned as doublets. The gem is covered by a cap of material to protect the precious opal beneath. This boulder opal starburst ring really captures what we love about this stone. Pinpricks of color flash over its surface in a delightful kaleidoscope-effect. It’s truly a gem you don’t want to miss!


Australian Mosaic Opal

Mosaic opal ring in sterling silver.

Mosaic opal is similar to boulder opal. Both are assembled gems. Mosaic opal is fashioned from fragments of opal material in an intriguing mosaic pattern. This allows artisans to mix and match complementary pieces to create uniquely one-of-a-kind jewels. This pear-shaped opal ring from the Bali Legacy Collection combines an artisan stone with artisan sterling silver craftsmanship! Here the hand set opal fragments are housed among granulated beadwork and filigree, all done by talented Balinese craftspeople.


Jalisco Fire Opal

Orange opal ring in 10K yellow gold.

Only what we call precious opals show play-of-color. However, there are many opal jewels that continue to captivate without this phenomenon! This fire opal ring features a row of channel set stones. Seeming to give off their own heat, nearly all fire opal comes from Jalisco, Mexico. Among orange gems, fire opal is a standout choice for its deep saturation and bright color. Not only that, but juicy orange fire opal is perfectly at home in your fall color palette!


Miami Blue Opal

Blue opal men's ring in sterling silver.

This neon jewel is actually a dyed variety of Welo opal. This bright blue color helps present the jewel’s play-of-color in exciting new ways that we think you will love! This blue opal men’s ring showcases the brilliant azure beauty of this unusual gem. At home in a sterling silver setting, a frame of scintillating zircons really helps create a jewelry piece that will attract attention.


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