Can you feel it? Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is on the way, and that means finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart. While there are many options to consider, there is one that is true and timeless. A heart pendant necklace is a classic choice for your paramour.


For many, a heart necklace represents the deep love and caring we carry for special people. And, while it has been a staple for years, the heart pendant necklace is seeing a major resurgence. Perhaps it’s how giving this jewelry symbolizes opening our heart to another, creating a deeper bond.

Morganite heart necklace.
ILIANA Morganite 18K Rose Gold Heart Necklace

“The heart has its reasons” – Blaise Pascal

The modern heart symbol has uncertain origins. Historians tell us that it can trace its roots as far back as the fifteenth century. But as to how this symbol of loved evolved, none are really sure.

A popular theory is that the heart symbol is modeled after the leaves of ivy. You see, the ivy plant is a long-standing symbol of loyalty. Could this modern emblem be inspired by the pothos? We like to think so.

In a modern love story, we have the well-documented relationship between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson by the press. Ultimately, the king would abdicate his throne to be with the love of his life. The king gave her many gifts during their courtship. One of these was a very famous heart jewelry piece. Inscribed with the words of French philosopher Pascal, we are told “The heart has its reasons.”


Sometimes, we want to say something more. A heart pendant necklace is already a great gift, and with a personalized touch, it becomes extra special. Personalized: Uniquely Yours is an entire range of sentimental personalized jewelry from Shop LC. Among these offerings are several heart necklaces.

Gold heart pendant necklace.

For something minimalistic, you can’t go wrong with an elegant engraved pendant. Featuring an initial, it’s a great choice for a piece they can wear every day. Even better, you can choose a finish that best suits their style – such as silver, yellow gold, or rose gold!

Sterling silver heart birthstone pendant.

Or, if you want to add something extra, try a heart pendant with their birthstone. Legends say that wearing our birthstone gives us a little extra luck, and it’s a great reminder to someone special that you want them to stay safe. Find this heart pendant necklace in silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.


Are you looking for a fun couple’s gift? Why not try a pair of his and her heart necklaces? These Disney jewelry pieces are perfect for the young, and the young at heart.

Disney Minnie Mouse heart pendant.

Made in stainless steel, each heart pendant necklace features genuine Austrian crystal accents, adding a charming touch of bling.


Young love is pure and free, and without care. Capture the spirit of a new relationship with this heart necklace from the Whimsical Collection.

Simulated ruby heart pendant with 14K yellow gold finish.

Like fresh berries, simulated ruby gems are generously spread across this fun and elegant heart pendant necklace. Simulated diamond accents provide extra sparkle for this pendant. Finished in 14K yellow gold, it’s a great way to let them know you want to play for keeps.


For a more refined look, gift them a vogue openwork heart necklace. With a touch of flirty filigree, this elegant pendant is bursting with love!

Rose gold heart pendant necklace.

Lovingly crafted, the pendant features eight open hearts. This bears special significance, as the number eight is associated with new beginnings, and is perfect as a first Valentine’s Day gift.


Did you know that there is an exciting range of charm jewelry to collect at Shop LC? Charmes D’Joy are highly collectible and fun to wear. With charms for every occasion, it’s only natural to find a lively selection for celebrating romance.

Silver heart charm that says "I love you."

Wearing charms is easy, too! They can be worn strung along a complementing necklace, or even a simply leather cord. Consider this gift for anyone who wants to personalize their heart pendant necklace.


Now that you’ve selected the perfect heart necklace for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want the perfect presentation, too! Upgrade their experience with a heart shaped jewelry box.

Heart shaped box in red velvet.

Each heart shaped box is perfect for gifting any single piece of jewelry. A brilliant red velvet exterior provides a luxurious feel, and is the perfect way for your loved one to store their precious memento.

Discover a heart pendant necklace they’ll treasure forever.

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