Each day, Shop LC brings Today’s Leading Value (TLV) to you, so that you can enjoy the luxe jewelry at a fraction of the normal cost. But, how does Shop LC manage to design amazing products every day? Step inside the process as we peel back the curtain and take you behind the scenes to discover how the world around us inspires our designs! Let us follow the design of a ring from our recent Tanzanite Smackdown.

Blue lace agate flower.

Blue lace flower. Photo credit: nekonomania. Used under license.



First and foremost is building the concept for TLV. Based on the programming scheduled for the day, the gemstone is selected. Shop LC has a dedicated team that conceptualizes Today’s Leading Value. Factors like the past performance of the gem, availability of the gemstone for manufacturing, price factors, and your feedback contribute to this decision.

Woman sketching jewelry designs.


As the idea is finalized, the next step is providing an outline of the concept. Our team of both young and experienced designers bring the concept to life on paper. The group receives design requests for our tanzanite TLV from the merchandising team.

The designers then research current trends, patterns, ideas, and inspiration that will contribute to the creation of an outstanding design. While working on these essentials , there is a strict timeline that must be met, or it will be impossible to deliver Today’s Leading Value to you.

For a single item, a designer usually conceptualizes four to five different designs. Among them, a single sketch is selected. The design is then colorized to match the gemstone of the actual product.

Coloring jewelry design sketch.

Creating the Offer

Once the design is created, the last details are finalized. The design performance is visualized, and an offer is created. This data includes details such as gemstones, metal, setting, and cost.

The design is incomplete without a story! So, working with the designers, our content writers create a compelling story behind the design. Our tanzanite ring was inspired by the blue lace flower!

Creating jewelry designs with CAD software.

Selecting Today’s Leading Value

Every Tuesday, a conference call is organized that includes team members from across the organization, including the Shop LC President, Sales Director, Designers, Hosts, Content Writers, and Buyers, to name just a few. The product details are discussed with the team. Everyone shares their perspective on the proposed items. Story concepts, design amendments, and selling price are all considered. If any single point doesn’t work, the proposed TLV is sent back to be reworked or is canceled.

3D printing jewelry.

Manufacturing cannot begin until the proposed jewelry item is approved. Some aspects play a significant role in rework a TLV concept. First is the design; does the proposed shape work? To match the dome inspiration of the blue lace flower, round stones were preferred. Another factor is the selling price. Even a single millimeter can significantly impact the price of the finished design; sometimes by $50 or more! The trick for designers is to find that “sweet spot,” ensuring that the finished concept is an outstanding design offered at a daily low-cost you expect form Shop LC.

After reworking these factors, the proposal is again sent for the approval. Reconsidering all the amendments, Today’s Leading Value gets approved for production!

A metal tree of ring blanks.


Our team uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) and prepares the design model for production. Once complete, this leads to the 3D model making process.

A 3D model is printed. Sometimes it doesn’t get perfected in one go and needs to be created again and again, until the final model comes out perfect.

Once the 3D print of the model is complete, the product will be copied multiple times in wax.

Wax model making leads to casted models, where the wax is replaced with precious metal like sterling silver.

From here the metal undergoes finishing, gemstone sorting and setting, polishing, and a final quality check.

The product is now ready to reach you!

Setting gemstones within the ring.

The Lowest Price Guaranteed

Shop LC is Delivering Joy. We offer our customers products with high-quality and low-cost.

The gemstone is a crucial element in a piece of jewelry and can quickly flip the cost of a jewelry piece. To get the most competitive prices, our gemstone team undergoes significant negotiations with vendors, dealers and mine owners. Sometimes these deals take up to a weeks to be finalized. Long standing industry relationships and bulk buying power are two primary factors that contribute to keeping prices low.

A finished tanzanite cluster ring.

Most jewelry is produced at our green manufacturing unit in India, which saves on labor costs by avoiding a third-party like most other sellers.

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