Thanks to minimalists like Marie Kondo, many people are embracing the ‘less is more’ lifestyle. As a result, ‘capsule wardrobes’ are becoming increasingly popular. According to Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique who coined the term in the 1970s, “a capsule wardrobe contains a few essential and timeless items, such as skirts and pants, that can be supplemented with seasonal pieces.”

Jalisco Fire Opal, Zircon Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

Capture the essence of Tangerine with Fire Opal.

Because these pieces work best when they all go together, people tend to buy them in neutral colors. While this can be very helpful in reducing closet clutter, it doesn’t give much room to embrace bright color trends.

Spring 2020 style is all about vivid, eye-catching colors. You can still embrace this trend without having to add clutter to your wardrobe through bright accessories! Here are a few gemstone options to add pops of Spring colors to your look.

Rose De France Amethyst, Simulated Pink Diamond Pendant Necklace

Pastel shades like Lilac are found in Rose de France Amethyst.

  • Tangerine – One of the most popular colors for Spring 2020 is Tangerine, which is a cheery and bright orange shade. Bring this color to your look by wearing jewelry made with Amber, Citrine, or Fire Opal.
  • Green – Pale, fresh greens are perfect for the new season. Embrace pistachio-colored stones like Jade, Peridot, or Chrysoprase.
  • Lilac – Another gorgeous pastel option, Lilac is a trend for not only Spring 2020, but for many Spring seasons to come. Rose de France Amethyst, Purple Jade, and Mauve Sapphire will bring a touch of this feminine color to your outfit.
  • Poppy Red – This shade of red is powerful and vivid. Aside from wearing a bold red lipstick, you can introduce Poppy Red to your look by wearing Ruby, Rubellite, or Mozambique Garnet.
  • Hot Pink – This color seems to appear every year, as it is a quintessential Spring/Summer neon shade. Add a splash of Hot Pink to your wardrobe with stones like Pink Tourmaline, Ilakaka Hot Pink Sapphire, and Pink Spinel.
Ilakaka Hot Pink Sapphire, Natural White Zircon Inside Out Hoop Earrings

Ilakaka is famous for producing Hot Pink Sapphire.

Spring is a great time of year to add pops of color to your wardrobe, and jewelry makes it easy to do so in a subtle way.

To add even more personality to your look, check out the Whimsical Collection.

The fun and flirty designs are perfect for Spring!

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