History makes it evident that jewelry is an integral part of our lives. Buying and gifting jewelry is a way of celebrating moments of joy and special occasions. Jewelry helps us express our personalities, uniqueness, and beauty. Once upon a time, rings were worn as a symbol of status, power, and love. Even today, the idea still rings true.

The Cityscape Collection is a selection of artisanal rings that resemble different cities across the globe. These rings are representations of various cities such as New York, Rio De Janeiro, Las Vegas, Rome, Venice, Shanghai, and Boston. 

Sterling silver Las Vegas ring.

We have spent a long period in our homes due to the pandemic. What we crave now is going out with friends, exploring the streets, live music, and having a joyful time. And what better way than putting on your favorite outfit with these cool jewels. It is the time of year that you should pamper yourself and prioritize your desires. This beautiful collection of wearable art is a great way of setting your own special destination goal.

Creating the Citiscape Collection

These rings are made with fine sterling silver and finished with platinum. This provides every ring a glimmering, lustrous finish  that protects the silver from tarnishing for years of wear. Each is designed with a cityscape representing globally recognized landmarks, cultures, and values across the world.

Hometown Pride

Hometown pride is about loving one’s roots and its people. What could be better than a ring with all the characteristic features of a city? It’s a classic product for those who love funky style and want to be friendly to their pocket while staying up to date with fashion.

Sterling Silver Rome ring.

The Magic of Silver

According to astrology, wearing silver is linked to lunar influence. It’s often beneficial for those needing to balance strong passions. Wearing a silver ring on your little finger is said to help with promoting calm.

I <3 NYC

What does a travelling dreamer need? A bag pack and some motivation of course! Motivation helps us achieve our travel goals. So many of us like to travel and explore cities across the globe. Indeed, for so many of us, New York is a dream destination.

Sterling silver New York City ring.

The New York ring has fantastic details of skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and other city attractions. Often, thinking of the perfect gift feels confusing, but we make this easy for you when these elegant rings are just under $30..

The beautiful cityscape of this jewelry is appealing for all travel enthusiasts.  It’s the exact piece one is looking for, whether themselves or a loved one. Treasure this ring as a reminder of that dream destination. As it is said, if you have a dream keep it close and intact so you could be reminded of it each day!

Wearing Citiscape Jewelry

Silver rings can be worn with almost every outfit and on every occasion. But it is always better to be a little particular about the attire you choose to have that perfect combo. Silver often favors dark color palettes, along with boho wear. Apart from that, a pair of jeans, tee and cool and comfortable shoes also work incredibly well.

Shop the Citiscape Jewelry Collection and start your own adventure.
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