You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen. You know Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. And you even know Rudolph, but do you recall the wonderful accessories inspired by this holiday classic? If not, continue reading to discover nine reindeer-inspired accessories that also make great gift ideas!


‘Dashing’ refers to a person who dresses stylishly. Look your dashing best and keep time in style with a stunning new watch!

Gorgeous men's watch

Possess a charismatic look from work hours to after-hours with the industrial style of this GENOA mechanical watch for men.

Hop out for a lunch date with a Mojave turquoise studded EON watch, or make a bold appearance at any party with this dazzling broad-banded STRADA watch!


‘You dance. I dance.’ This what our lovely and eye-catching necklaces have to say to all who love the dance floor!

Red tassel necklace

Add fancy movement to your appearance with this beautiful African ruby tassel necklace or flaunt a bohemian chic appeal with the swishy explosion of color and charm displayed in this red agate necklace!


‘Prance’ around at work or any social event and flaunt your tresses. Jazz up your beautiful lock and ring in the festive mood with Hair Flash Color!

Spray on hair color

Color your hair with this easy to use spray in hues like golden blonde, red copper or dark brown. They can be directly used on dry hair and wash out easily with shampoo. It is an innovative product, the only one that combines hair care and hair dye!


With New Year’s Eve around the corner, check out our enticing clutches to look like a “Vixen.” A stylish clutch will allow you to carry all of your essentials without dragging you down the whole night.

White clutch

Rock any social gathering with the splendid allure of these clutches. Decorated and detailed with simulated pearls, crystals, embroidery and sequins!


The word comet reminds us of something celestial and rare. In the world of gemstones, one of the rarest gemstones is tanzanite. A birthstone for December, this blue-violet variety of zoisite mineral is a one-generation gemstone. This refers to its limited supply that is bound to end within decades. So far, tanzanite cannot be replicated in a lab. Make the hypnotizing tanzanite jewelry a part of your collection!
Blue necklace


Make heads turn with these dangle earrings or start conversations with a glamorous tanzanite ring and make the floral pendant the focal point of your elegance.


Cherish your loved ones or just show some self-love with the romance of heart shaped accessories!

Heart-shaped jewelry


Pamper yourself with the luxurious allure of this splendid heart ring. Lending a warm glimmer and romantic appeal, the piece is generously dusted with Mozambique garnet stones. Gift your best friend this adorable plush heart pillow. Gift your jewels a lavish home with this heart shape musical jewelry box!


Donner is actually German for thunder. Add ‘thunder’ to your wardrobe with cocktail rings from the Giuseppe Perez collection.


The Giuseppe Perez Collection has a signature Kanchanaburi blue sapphire on the back of every jewelry piece. Flaunting artistic designs, these cocktail rings are sure to inspire awe and envy!


Similar to Donner, Blitzen is German for lightning. This festive season light up any corner of your home with breathtaking lamps from Shop LC!


Add a mesmerizing glow with the Turkish inspired handcrafted mosaic lamp. Blending in the traditional firewood concept with a trendy lamp, fireplace lanterns are sure to win you compliments for your aesthetic taste. Sit back and relax as you create a spa-like environment at home with this mosaic lamp that comes with Himalayan rock salt.


Indulge in all things red, just like Rudolph’s nose! Red is a strong, vibrant color that symbolizes love, passion and festivities. Make it a part of your wardrobe with these accessories.

Bright red pendant

Adorn yourself with an art deco pendant. Add a chic flair to your brunch look with this red straw hat. Complete your party look as you adorn your tresses with this red headband or become a style icon among your friends with this laser cut tote bag!

So which reindeer inspires you this festive season? Let us know in the comments below!

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