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As the summer season is transitioning into the fall season, jeans are the staple American wardrobe must-have. However, hunting for the perfect pair of jeans takes endurance, patience and a whole lot of caffeine. The worse case scenario is that you spend an entire day shopping for the perfect fit, style, and color, but come up empty handed! This inevitable search is frustrating and can leave even the most skilled shoppers feeling defeated. Jeans will always remain a yearlong staple, so it’s important you find several pairs of jeans that make you look good. We’ve done some of the legwork (pun intended) to help you build an immaculate jean collection. Simplify your next shopping excursion by taking a peek at our guide below!

Waist Fit

Model wearing low-rise jeans. Model wearing mid-rise jeans. Model wearing high-rise jeans.


Low-Rise Jeans

These jeans fit low on the waist, making them perfect for showing off a slender figure. They are flattering for women with petite and athletic body types who have trouble filling out other styles because of the excess material. This style also looks great if you have long legs because low-rise jeans make your shape look more proportionate.

Mid-Rise Jeans

These jeans fit closer to your natural waistline. This is definitely the most versatile style, and it looks good for nearly all body types. It especially flatters women with a pear-shaped body because it elongates the legs.

High-Rise Jeans 

A pair of these jeans will fit above your natural waistline, just at the base of the rib cage. If you’re tall, this fit makes your legs look leaner (no complaints here!). If you are curvy with a small waist, go ahead and rock this style. The cut will highlight and complement your small midsection.



Model wearing bootcut jeans. Model wearing flared jeans. Model wearing straight jeans. Model wearing skinny jeans. Model wearing boyfriend jeans.


Bootcut Jeans

Model wearing bootcut jeans against brick wall. This cut is slim through the hips and thighs. True to its name, boot-cut jeans flare away from the calf just enough to fit over boots without leaving a lot of excess material. If you’re busty, this style is flattering because it achieves a balancing effect.



Flared Jeans

This pair of jeans is similar to the bootcut, but the flare is much more dramatic, giving it a wide bell shape. If you have the curvy but balanced body type, also known as an hourglass figure, a pair of wide-legged trouser jeans will work wonders for enhancing your waist.

Woman carrying black handbag and wearing straight jeans.

Straight Jeans

These jeans feature a more relaxed fit in the hips and thighs with legs that go straight down without tapering or flaring. They’re great for full-figured or apple-shaped women who don’t want to add bulk.

This classic cut is a year-round essential. Look for a dark blue wash because the tone works for both day and night.

Woman posing in skinny jeans and carrying brown handbag.

Skinny Jeans

This popular style hugs the hips and legs tightly all the way to the ankles, leaving just enough room at the opening for feet to fit through. Skinny jeans look great on various body types, but the key is finding a fit that complements your shape, which basically means trying on many pairs until you fall in love with one! 

Boyfriend Jeans

This popular style features a loose, slouchy fit that is similar to men’s jeans, hence the name. A pair of boyfriend jeans works well on slimmer figures because the droopy style adds volume.

Distressed boyfriend jeans are the ideal weekend look
. The lighter wash makes them even more daytime appropriate. Rock this casual outfit with your favorite handbag to complete the look.



Swatch of stonewashed denim. Swatch of dark denim. Swatch of classic denim. Swatch of acid denim. Swatch of dirty denim. Swatch of distressed denim.


Woman sitting on bed and putting on boot. Stonewashed jeans are light colored and feel softer than other jeans. They are made to look and feel broken in.


Dark denim often feels thicker and stiffer than lighter shades. The deep indigo color of dark jeans makes them the ideal jeans for a night out. They are more formal than lighter shades of denim and easy to dress up with a statement necklace.


Classic wash jeans are crisp, clean and feature a moderately dark shade of blue.
Woman posing in striped shirt and distressed jeans.


Acid wash jeans feature a look that is faded with flecks of a darker shade in the material. 


Dirty jeans are meant to look a little grungy so they feature a slightly brown tinge.


Holes, shredding, and creases create a highly worn appearance of distressed jeans. They are usually a light shade of denim to look more genuinely worn in.

White, Black and Colored Jeans 

Model posing in gray sweater and white jeans.

White Jeans

 Forget what your mother told you about Labor Day, a pair of white jeans is a must-have no matter what the season! For fall and winter, pair white jeans with heavy fabrics for a stylish and put-together look.

Black Jeans

You can wear black jeans the same way as dark jeans. Pair them with a trendy top for a night out. For a more relaxed look, wear a pair of black jeans with an over-sized flannel shirt.

Woman wearing cheetah print scarf and purple jeans.

Colored Jeans

Colored jeans have become very popular, but they can make your outfit look unpolished if worn incorrectly. The key to pulling off colored jeans is to opt for a skinny fit because too much fabric in a bold color can be jarring. 
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