Mom! It’s hard to find the words to explain what exactly she means to us. To celebrate all the hard work, love and dedication towards her children and family, it’s the best time to surprise her with a memorable Mother’s Day gift. So, what are you thinking of getting her? Hold off on the easiest choice of flowers and a card, as they are a little more cliché and won’t last. Instead, think differently. Something bold. Something feminine. Something indulgent. Something she can delight in, again and again. If you want your mom to rock, treat her to something special that she would never buy for herself. This Mother’s Day Gift Guide will help you in discovering great new ideas for gifts that are sure to move her.

Mother's Day gift

Beauty Products

While taking care of you for years, she might have lost the touch of youth and freshness on her skin. Bring in an assortment of essential beauty products for her daily regime and gift her the flawless skin that she’ll cherish forever. Since she already has a huge to-do list, gift her products that will take care of her. Natural and herbal products make an excellent selection, no matter her skin type. You can pick up our Cougar Beauty cleanser that will help her to relax and loosen up as it swabs away the stresses of the day. While our Beauty by Earth sunscreen will assist in keeping her face safe and cheerful from harmful sun rays, while our NVY night cream will give her skin a rejuvenating repair. A variety of products caters to various skin needs. So make a compelling bouquet of beauty goods and impress her with your choices!

Statement Jewelry

From small events to big occasions, jewelry plays a key role in magnifying a woman’s charm. Jewelry and women are inseparable in many ways. So, consider gifting a piece of statement jewelry as one of the safest and loveliest presents. Mother’s Day is one of the best opportunities to style up your mom’s jewelry collection with pieces that elevate her style and leave an emotional impression. Whether it’s a luscious cocktail ring or a show-stopping pair of earrings, pick a piece that expresses your love.

Animal Print Scarves

Most mothers also have the inclination to look great, fashionable and fabulous. So, why not to make her wish come true this Mother’s Day by endowing her with an unusual statement accessory? Animal print scarves are one of the most glamorous add-ons to anyone’s look. Give her a scarf with bold and lively patterns such as cheetah, zebra and more! We’re confident that she’ll be more than happy to receive such a wonderful gift. Like a cherry on top, give her some quick tutorials on the stylish ways to drape a scarf and see her blush like a teenager!

Makeup Essentials

A little touch-up is never too much for any occasion! Makeup is a confidence booster, a statement maker, and a form of personalized art. Giving some quality makeup essentials for your mother is perfect in every way. Be assured that whatever you choose to gift will surely be welcomed. Look for sets that combine items like our Cougar Beauty makeup set, Via Italia’s set of eye shadows with brushes, or a lip gloss set from our Michael Marcus collection. You can also pick singles to be on the safer side, going for eyeshadow primer, lip balm, eye liners, facelift serum, mascara or foundation.


While often a wardrobe essential, watches make an elegant and fashionable accessory. And for a mother, watches work as a best friend that helps her manage her time. Whether she’s a homemaker or professional, you can gift her a watch without a second thought. Make a selection that’s classy, chic and comfortable. If your mom is a fashion enthusiast, give her a watch with an animal imprint. Or if she loves to keep it simple, a leather strap watch is a perfect pick. If she has a professional career, go for a metallic watch in either gold or rose-tone for a well-dressed transformation.

Clutch Bag

You might be thinking whether a clutch bag makes an excellent present for your mother or not? Relax! A clutch bag is a must-have when it comes to any woman’s daily essentials. Hence, you can pick a clutch to replace or add-on to her collection. Their stylish, serene and sleek demeanor makes them a perfect item for daily use. There’s a variety of styles you can look for while choosing the perfect gift. For adding a splash of style to her look, go for a piece with a multi-color floral pattern. Or hang on to a leather clutch with a chain strap for a glamorous flair. Your mother will be more than excited to receive a cute bag! Check out our guide for more tips on choosing the perfect bag.

Mother's Day gift

Floral Print Microfiber Quilt Throw

Lux Throw

Last but not the least, the throw comes as the surprise gift package. No doubt, it’s a versatile piece that will work for your mom, no matter the season. The compact, stylish and colorful layout makes them a nice choice. Choose prints from floral and natural, to geometric and abstract, in a variety of materials such as cotton or polyester. Make her feel like a diva with a gift that is sure to last from year-to-year.

Now that you’ve had a chance to review these options, what will your Mother’s Day gift be? Let us know in the comments!