Resolutions are a tradition. They are made to make a person’s life healthier, disciplined and exciting. Every year millions of people make resolutions in hope of a positive change. Our theme usually revolves around a healthier approach towards our life or enhancement in our professional or personal conduct, such as reading more books. These are the ten most popular resolutions.

Popular New Year Resolutions

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Get more exercise
  3. Save more money
  4. Focus on self-care
  5. Read more
  6. Make new friends
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Get a (new) job
  9. Take up a new hobby
  10. I don’t plan on making New Year’s resolutions

How Do I Succeed in Keeping Them?

At the start of the year, we are so energetic and excited about our resolutions. But as February nears, the excitement seems to fade away. We get stuck in some important and some unwanted stuff which demands most of the time, leaving no space for our resolutions.

Here are six key steps that will help you succeed in keeping them this and every year.

January calendar

Make it Specific

Unachievable Goal – I will save more money than last year.

Achievable Goal – I will save $6000 this year.

Goals always need to be specific. As humans, we strive more accurately and strongly when we have a clear goal in mind. A goal stating “I want to do my best” is a great motivating phrase but a specific goal helps clear your focus on what is required to be done.

It Should be Measurable

Unachievable Goal – I want to lose weight.

Achievable Goal – I will lose 56 pounds by July.

As you can see the above goal is specific. It also allows us to measure the progress as time passes. It becomes easy to keep track of how good or bad you are working towards your goal. It keeps you motivated, and you can enjoy each step towards victory!

It Should be Achievable or Attainable

Unachievable Goal – I want to speak to my best friends every week on the phone.

Achievable Goal – I will take a walk from office to home to talk to my best friends every week on phone.

It is the main component of the plan. Think, is the goal I am setting, achievable? You need a balance when it comes to challenge, to keep you energetic. But it should not be too hard that it becomes difficult to maintain as it can demotivate and create feelings of stress and anxiety.

Tip – A goal should not be more than five percent of what you are currently doing.

It Should be Realistic

Unachievable Goal – I will try to fit into my old jeans.

Achievable Goal – I will fit into my old jeans by June 1, 2019.

Make sure the goal you’re setting is realistically achievable in the time frame you are looking to attain them. Here you need to use an important part of goal setting; short-term and long-term goals. Your main goal may be of 5-6 months away but setting short-term goals will always keep you motivated and push you to climb the ladder step-by-step.

Tip – Setting a goal timeline for when you want to achieve is important.

It Should be Exciting

Unachievable Goal – I will save money.

Achievable Goal – I will save money to take my children to Disneyland.

The goal should be exciting. If planned precisely and correctly, it can keep you motivated at when times get tough. Try to come up with fun, distinct and interesting ways to make your goals exciting!

Goal Should be Recorded

There are many goals in our mind that we make up as our New Year’s resolution. But, as usual, we end up forgetting. So, “ink it, don’t think it.” By recording the goal, it becomes a conscious commitment that this what you are looking to achieve. Once you make the commitment, place it on places that you frequently see, like the mirror, kitchen fridge, work laptop, or gym bag.

When you can see that your goals are moving in an assertive fashion, it is all you need to stay motivated to achieve them.

Do you have ideas on succeeding with personal goals? Share in the comments.

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