It is officially spring, and the sun is starting to come out! Shop LC is here to get you ready with this year’s spring and summer handbag trends. Maybe you are recently vaccinated and ready to go out, maybe you got a special occasion coming up, or maybe you are just wanting a new staple handbag for the new season. Whatever you are looking for and any activities you got lined up for spring and summer, there is a trend for you.

Nothing But Net

Red leather handbag.

The net handbag trend takes me back to the days when I worked at a local neighborhood grocery store. Before sustainability become trendy, a lot of the customers going through my line were bringing their own netted grocery bags. It also reminds me of fishing nets and basketball nets but with a much-updated take. The netted handbags are made with anything from leather to rope. The variety of materials allows this style of handbag to be easily modified for various outings from a night out on the town to spending the day at the beach. This versatile handbag trend completely embodies spring and summer vibes. Definitely pack this handbag for any vacations you might be planning.

All or Nothing

Black sling bag.

The massive handbag trend is probably gaining the most steam this season. Retailers are ready to ride this wave with designers. Perhaps we are too accustomed to have everything accessible at home since being in quarantine and with this trend we can carry everything we need and more with us on the go. This trend is also great for trips. Some bags might even be big enough to carry everything you need for a day or weekend trip. If you are running errands or going to the grocery store and forgot your bags, no problem! You got plenty of room with these extra-large handbags. The great thing about functionality is that it never goes out of style.

Splash of Color

Shiny purple clutch.

This spring and summer, not only are handbags getting bigger, but they are also getting brighter and bolder! Colors this season will come in every shade and tone, but with one thing in common. They are all highly saturated. Adding a playful colored handbag will instantly make any outfit more exciting and exude confidence. Match a bold colored handbag with your favorite patterned clothing article for a show stopping outfit.

 Bottled Up

FIORUCCI Red and Pink 100% Polycarbomide Shopper Bag

Lately, sustainability is having a larger influence on our lives. Sustainability has affected our work, energy, food, and clothing. As we pursue a plastic-free lifestyle, we are now seeing this debuted as a handbag trend. Water bottle holders are being reimagined as handbag attachments, their own bags, and even built into belts. This trend can work with any handbag and the combination is ideal for summer as we spend more time outdoors. If you are looking for a gift for your friend or partner, I would highly recommend a water bottle holder attachment.

Mini Me

Pink crossbody bag.

2000s trends are making a comeback and the mini shoulder bag trend is no exception. You can dig to the back of your closet or buy the 2021 edition. It is perfect for just carrying the essentials. All you need is your phone, wallet, lipstick, and a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go. This is the must have handbag for this spring and summer and it matches effortlessly with your minimalistic style. This handbag silhouette is easy to pair with any outfit. Whether you are dolled up in a chic dress or casual in your favorite pair of jeans it goes well with this season’s handbag staple.

In Your Feels

Brown faux fur handbag.

If you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, going to a wedding, or any other occasion this is the handbag trend for spring and summer I endorse. You are guaranteed to be noticed and get compliments.  Fluffy textures like feathers and tulle are soft to the tough and make for an eye-catching handbag. It is super chic and will look fabulous with the outfits you have been dying to wear all quarantine. Honestly, an occasion is just a good excuse. You can wear these unique handbags with whatever you like to add a touch of glamour.

Find all these handbags and more at Shop LC.

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