Why are Scarf Masks on the Rise?

There is no doubt about it. Wearing a mask is important, and it saves lives. As part of our collective ‘new normal,’ how we wear a face mask is another way of expressing ourselves. And there is something special about scarf masks. A handkerchief scarf mask was one of the first DIY masks we all had access to, but what has led to their enduring popularity?

Many celebrities are being spotted sporting the trend, that’s for sure. For some, the DIY nature of a face mask surely has something to do with its popularity, with some publications calling for items like scarves or handkerchiefs to be used in early days of awareness.

And let’s face it. There’s something counterculture about a bandana scarf mask. There is almost something defiant about wearing a scarf mask. It’s a timeless look entwined in Americana. Whether that’s kids playing ‘cops-and-robbers’ or protesting for a better future, wearing a handkerchief mask is a look that’s always going to turn heads.

Looking to wear the trend? Try these options from Shop LC.

Yellow Floral Pattern Scarf and Face Mask

Yellow floral bandana face mask

Floral face masks are already in, but why not combine these trends? Highly fashionable, but also functional, this combo projects confidence and class. Easy to care for, it’s a top pick.

Purple Paisley & Tropical Leaf Tube Scarf Mask

Purple Paisley & Tropical Leaf Tube Scarf Mask.

Tube masks offer a great deal of flexibility, and are a great choice for both men and women. Lightweight polyester makes it easy to wear and care for these masks.

Blue Lily Bandana Scarf Mask

Blue Lily Bandana Scarf Mask

Wear as either a protective face mask, or a stunning scarf for when the pandemic is behind us. Wrinkle-resistant, this mask withstands the rigors of daily wear and washing.

Striped Neck Scarf Mask

Striped scarf face mask.

Beautiful, but also multi-functional, this face mask is practical for daily wear. Soft, dual-layers of material help protect while keep you cool and comfortable.

Pink Bandana Scarf Mask

Pink handkerchief face mask.

This two-in-one combo can be worn as either a face mask or scarf, giving you the best of both. Light, double-layered material keeps you feeling safe but comfy.

Orange & Olive Paisley Pattern Tube Scarf Mask

Orange & Olive Paisley Pattern Tube Scarf Mask

Classic paisley patterns combo with great fall colors, making this mask set a great option for transitioning to cooler weather.

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